Service Type: Custom HTML/Wordpress (Blog) Managment
(Personal Website)

Skills Strengthened: Responsive Mobile-Friendly Design, Drop-Down Mobile Menus, Back To Top JQuery button, Graphic Design

NOTE: I took off this portion of the site and had it re-direct to the blog because I didn’t like the front page anymore. Will redesign again someday.

This website (the one you’re currently on) consists of two parts: the main website and this blog portion. This blog is a WordPress installation using an installed theme customized with colors to match the main website.

The main site focuses on being responsive and mobile-friendly. It is designed to look good on both the large and small screen. On smaller screens, the main menu transitions to a ‘hamburger menu’ icon that when clicked displays the drop-down menu and changes to a close icon.

The main site is a full-width, one-page layout. Different sections present What I Do, Blog Feed, My Portfolio, and Contact information. Each section responds to the resizing of a browser window and the size of the screen viewing it.

The website uses JQuery to handle the drop down menu and a back to top button. PHP is used to manage the blog RSS feed.

(Post Last Edited: Feb 23, 2017; took down homepage the other day, updating post)