Gimping Along

Depending on your connotation of the word ‘gimp’ you may have a good or bad image. I have three connotations:

  1. GIMP: GNU Image Manipulation Program
  2. Gimp: a limp
  3. Gimpy: The name of the one baby chick who always seemed to get a broken leg during shipment but we didn’t have the heart to cull.

Okay, you probably were not expecting the last one, but those are my three connotations.

Only the first two apply for today.

Currently my image manipulation program of forced choice is GIMP as my trial of Photoshop ran out long ago during school and I haven’t bothered with my old copy of Photoshop Elements 8. For web design I can get by with GIMP pretty well, however, does it need said that Photoshop would just make things easier?

So, while I used to design purely in editor with HTML/CSS, I’ve been taking some courses on Udemy to further my education with web design and development. This involves designing in ‘Photoshop’ (GIMP) and then splicing the design to create it in HTML/CSS.

The designing and splicing isn’t the hard part.

It’s juggling a baby who seems to want attention every three minutes with building a freelance career in web design/development. That is where I have been gimping along. I’ve suffered some weeks of the baby blues as my boy teethed and went through sleep deprivation at four months.

However, things are starting to sail smoother as sleep training the boy has been successful (not so much the ‘cry it out’ ┬ábut the ‘building a bedtime routine’ method). I’m back on track with my Udemy courses and am building projects to fill my portfolio.

One such project is (yet another) redesign of my homepage. Will this be the final design? Who knows. At least I’m getting design and ‘Photoshop’ (GIMP) practice in.

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