Project: Javascript Slider – M-Sunshine Slider

Service Type:  Javascript Slider

Skills Strengthened: Javascript, CSS3, mobile-friendly/responcive

This slider can be used by anyone to add a image/content slider onto their website. Code is heavily commented.

This will be an ongoing pet project, but the most current version on GitHub will always be usable.

This slider was created to serve the purpose for a website I was developing for a client.

This slider takes HTML elements with the same class and hides all but a chosen element with said class. It then automatically loops, changing between the different elements with said class. It has next and previous buttons as well as dot indicators that show which slide is active, and when clicked changes to that slide.

Feb 16,17: Website and code is now mobile friendly and can be used/referenced to make slider mobile-friendly for your own website.

NOTE: Currently you can only have one slider on a page. It will not work if you put two or more sliders in the HTML.

(Post Last Edited: Feb 16, 2017; Website is now mobile-friendly)

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