Sample Site: Sassy Becoming Homestead – Result of Udemy Course


Service Type: CSS3/SASS/Bourbon/Neat/Bitters Portfolio Piece

Skills Strengthened: SASS, Bourbon/Neat/Bitters framework, command prompt/ruby, PrePros compiler

About This Site Example

This website is the final project of The Sass Course! Learn Sass for Real-World Websites by Brad Hussey on Udemy. The branding was changed to be the branding for my family’s website Becoming Homestead. I also added more to the SASS/CSS to make the site responsive. I ended up uploading all the SASS files which I didn’t need to do, as you won’t see them.

The main challenge with the Sass Course and learning SASS and the Bourbon/Neat/Bitters frameworks was that the course was using outdated versions of the frameworks. I wanted to learn what was currently being used so instead of installing the older versions to follow along with the videos, I had to take the extra time to learn the differences. Neat was the framework that needed the most self-learning as it was completely different from what the course used.

Bitters also required some fiddling around as the current version requires Bourbon v5. Bourbon v5 is currently still a beta and trying to install v5 alongside the stable version of Bourbon so I could use Bitters and still use the relevant version of Bourbon needed for the project took a good hour of mucking in the command prompt with Ruby. I succeeded.

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