My Main Domains

My Main Domains

You can't have just one

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My Main Domains

If you love websites like I do then it's hard to have just one. I'm a creative at heart so along with my professional web dev site, I also have a website for my writing. I'm also a country girl with a country lovin' husband so we have a homesteading website together.

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Building websites for any size screen. Creating PSD designs, developing websites and working with Wordpress.

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Get lost in an adventure with short stories ranging from romantic to fantastic.

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Join us as we move from a city condo to four acres in the country as we become a homstead.

About This Site Example

This website started off as a precisely followed exercise of the Learn Web Designing & HTML5/CSS3 Essentials in 4-Hours taught by Brad Hussey and Code College, where I was to take a PSD design and convert it into an HTML5/CSS3 website. I did that, and then I personalized the final product (what you see here) and realized this no longer proved the point of the course as it was no longer a copy of a PSD file.

Oh well, it's still good enough to go on a portfolio.