How Customizing My Control Journal Turned into a Printables Business

Creating Printables Started Because I Needed My Own Thing

After starting Flylady’s routine method I finally started to have a daily routine that stuck. With that routine, though, there were still bits and pieces I couldn’t remember off the top my head. Thankfully, FlyLady teaches you to create a control journal and I designed a routine printable for mine. The Routines printable is the first I made for myself and kicked off doing this for profit. That printable became the inspiration for the first planner I designed, The Simply a Printable Planner.

What is a Control Journal?

What even is a control journal?

Well, I learned to use one from FlyLady and realized it was something my Hubby had asked for a few years back: a household manual. The control journal contains all the instructions and details of your housekeeping routine. List of your routine, instructions on what gets cleaned when, and much more. A control journal is something that grows with you. It becomes more individual as you build your own routines and systems.

Originally, I had compiled FlyLady's information into a Google Doc, where I formatted it for my own needs. After getting all her information in a document I printed it out and put it in my control journal. I also used CleanMama’s system and printables, which went into my control journal, too. I had two different systems inside one binder. It needed work, it need to become what I needed from a routine system. It needed to become one system; my system.

In Comes the Custom Printables

It was that individuality that started the custom printables. What Started in Google Docs as a basic document, became the desire to have it look good and not just a straight doc.

Daily Routines Printable
My daily routines printable. Only had to add a copyright on the bottom once I desided to share it.

Flylady starts you off writing your routine on sticky notes. They didn't stand out enough for me, so I made myself a printable routine page. I made it, printed it and I use it. I also use others’ printables in my control journal, as this was all before I decided to make this into a business. (So I guess I’m going to have to make control journal printables for ya’ll!)

With my own printables or using someone else's, I got more familiar with the world of printables. I finally understood how powerful Canva could be. It would still be a few more months before I decided to jump in and start creating for profit.

And Now I’m Selling Printables

I noticed a pattern in the women I found online: after becoming a stay at home mother they still wanted to support their family financially. Instead of going the 9 to 5 route, they started their own business (or they joined an MLM). They did something that could work around them, not them work around it.
Which makes sense when you also need to be the primary caregiver of small children.
(As a mother, whatever you do: stay at home, work from home, work outside the home, etc, it's all noble. You do what's best for your family.)
And that's the boat I've found myself in. I want to help my family reach their goals, but I'm also needed in the home.
I know it's a slow start with blogging and printables, but I knew I could do it. I have all the skill sets, I just needed to put them together.
So through my journey of trying to get my own household in order, creating my own control journal, I'm now here.
I’m selling printables, and it was that routines printable that inspired the design for my Simply a Printable Planner set. It’s the control journal that reminds me not only to clean my house, but that I have more printables to design!

And it’s those printables that I actually end up using for myself. I needed to remind myself of my routines. I needed to write out a daily schedule to keep track of my time. I needed printables, and I had them.

I made them, and I used them. They weren’t only meant for customers, they were meant for me, too.

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