It’s not the type of blog I thought I’d write, it’s not the thing I thought I’d do, but here I am, writing a mommy blog that will cover everything from routine & cleaning printables, kid’s crafts and Sunday school material. At least that’s the plan.

But have you ever been so bombarded with information that you get overwhelmed? I have.

And I’ve decided to throw my hands up in the air, forget about figuring out what a ‘pillar post’ is, not make a freebie for this post (at least not plan one), vent, and post.

The Ads, oh, the Ads!

You know how you start researching one thing, like starting a printable Etsy Shop, or a blog, and next thing you know your Facebook wall is covered in ads for other bloggers’ How To eBooks, courses, etc?

They get you with the freebies:

  • Free Start a Blog Timeline to Follow
  • Free Start an Etsy Shop Guide
  • Free Make Money on Printables
  • Free How to Start a Mailing List

And then you give them your email address, because you’re cheap and won’t buy the $100 course but want to glean as much info as possible from these experts.

Who seem to all have the same story of ‘I started a blog and now I teach people to blog’.

And I’m sure their systems work and are helpful and can actually be worth the money to spend. I know their freebies have good info, and those freebies…

…are trying to funnel you into buying the larger courses.

You almost have me, I just don’t have the spare cash to spend; maybe when I start making a little money I’ll come back for some of those courses.

But the emails.

It’s like the outlet mall I was in last weekend where the windows are full of signs like ‘70% off Entire Store’ but you walk in and the only reason those ‘sales’ exist is to make the product a reasonable price. I complained about the scheme the entire time I was in that store, I knew what they were doing to me…

…and I came out with a new wallet and carry-on bag.

So now my email is full of different bloggers trying to give free advice and lead me to buy their product. It’s so much, that I don’t know where to start. Like I just asked for ‘more info’ and then my desk is full of mail that I have to sort through. Do I get good information? Yes. Is my brain overwhelmed by it all that I don’t know where to start? Yes.

The Paralysis of Wanting to Do it Right

I know. They say you don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to have this all figured out to start, and you know they are right, but you’re seeing their blogs (which you know they’ve had for years compared to you!) and you just freeze. You’re not sure what to write about, you don’t know if the printables you are designing are worth it, and you feel like you have so much to manage between making an Email List, setting up Etsy shop, creating freebies, first product to sell, posts and landing pages, and don’t forget to research your competitors to see what is selling and how they price their stuff…and…and…

…and it’s a Mommy Blog. Which means you have these little ones running around that you have to take care of. They are your priority, but you also want to help support your family financially. That way your husband’s paycheck can stick to paying for all the needs and yours can go to saving for a new house.

But you end up freezing for a bit. Not sure if you’re even capable of this.

Just, Jump In

So then you just decide to jump in. Is this blog post helpful to anyone? Probably not, and it’s too early to give the advice of ‘just do it, it doesn’t have to be perfect, but just do it and you’ll make it’. You can’t give that advice because you haven’t experienced it yet.

But you want to.

So, that’s why this blog post is here, it’s me putting myself out there, sharing that this stuff is crazy but I wanna do it, I wanna make it.

And it’s like a race. If you never start running, you’ll never get to the finish line, but if you start, and keep going, you may not get first place, but you will cross that finish line.

What Am I Trying to Get At?

I don’t know. I’m here, I’m trying this new thing out, and I want to stick with it. I’m gonna start that race, and I’m gonna cross that finish line.

I don’t know who will find this blog post. I don’t know if you will find it now while I’m still starting out, or if you find it in the archives after I’ve reached my goal of making enough money each month to help my family save.

If you’re here in the beginning, please, stick around and see what happens. If you’re starting out just like me, let me know. We need to know we aren’t alone.

If you’ve found the archive after I’ve reached my goal, well, see? There’s always a beginning. The people who ‘can do it’ are the people who start and don’t give up. Yes, every idea and project doesn’t work out, but better to learn from trying, then to never try at all.

So here I am. I’m trying.

Oh, and remember how they get you with freebies? Well, sign up and you can get my freebies 😉 and if you like those I sell a bigger packet on my Etsy.

Free Printables


Heheh. Thanks for hearing me out and God bless,



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